Update On St Stephen’s Green Staged Protest: Garda Film Crew Assault Reporter Who Exposed Them Hiding In Their Perch|Garda Caught Dealing Sex-Drugs|Catherine Austin Fitts On The Great Reset And What You Can Do To Resist It|Our Vaccine Awareness Campaign Is Reaching The Masses|The World Economic Forum’s Promise For The Irish: “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy”|Get Your Jab But Keep Your Face Nappy On, Stay Locked Up And Obey Covid Hate Speech Laws Coming Soon 🙄|Update On Unlawful Arrest By Unhinged Garda Of Patriots Distributing Life-Saving Vaccine Information|Watch This Before You Vaccinate: Paediatrician Dr Larry Pelevsky|The Judiciary Show Their Contempt For Justice And The Irish People Yet Again|They Are Still Unable To Isolate The Most Deadly Virus In The World Which Is Seemingly Everywhere. Here Is The Reason Why


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