The Great Reset

The Great Reset (aka Build Back Better, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New Normal, the Green New Deal or the New Deal for Nature) is an attempted global capitalist coup on a scale never before imagined. It is a bid by an ultra-wealthy elite to take total control over every aspect of our world, our lives and our bodies.

The future they have lined up for us is a fascist transhumanist hell in which freedom has been abolished and humans are merged with robots and turned into commodities for elite profit.

There is a massive overlap between those behind this insidious scheme and the Climate Capitalists whom we and others have previously exposed.

The scam is essentially the same: using a façade of combatting climate change, or a virus, or even social injustice, this criminal mafia intends to force us, our children, and our children’s children into a miserable future of slavery, while they install themselves as undisputed rulers of the world.

Their technological ‘solutions’ to the environmental crisis use the fig leaf of phoney #NetZero ‘sustainability’ to hide the toxic reality of spiralling economic ‘growth’ and profit.

The Great Reset will do nothing to help Mother Nature but will instead prop up and expand the very industrial capitalist system which is murdering her.

The more that people are aware of what this vile billionaire elite are really up to, the less chance they have of getting away with it, and we hope this ever-expanding collection of resources will help spread awareness and, therefore, resistance!


The Great Reset: The Final Assault on the Living Planet, by Cory Morningstar.

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The Philanthro-capitalist empire of Bill Gates, by Manlio Masucci.

Who Voted In Davos? How Data-Driven Government and the Internet of Bodies Are Poised To Transform Smart Sustainable Cities Into Social Impact Prisons, by Alison McDowell.

Blockchain Education, A Ticket To Digital Serfdom, by Alison McDowell.

US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media, by Whitney Webb.

“Own Nothing and Be Happy”: The Great Reset’s Vision of the Future, by Colin Todhunter.

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Hybrid War Waged On the People – Building For The Great Reset By Exploiting The New COVID 19 Abnormal, by In This Together.

The New Normal: What is the UK Biosecurity State? (Part 1. Programmes and Regulations), by Simon Elmer.

The New Normal: What is the UK Biosecurity State? (Part 2. Normalising Fear), by Simon Elmer.

The Catastrophic Costs of Complying, by Laura Hayes.

Fabricating a Pandemic – Who Could Organize It and Why, by Gregory Sinaisky.

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The Great Reset and the COVID pandemic, by Terence Corcoran.

The Great Pretext … for Dystopia, by Diana Johnstone.

The Covid-19 celebrity humanitarianism – Sean Penn and the Great Reset, funded by Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation, by Vanessa Beeley.


The Great Reset & the The Fourth Industrial Revolution – video interview with Cory Morningstar

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The ugly face of the Great Reset: human capital bonds and internet of bodies. Alison McDowell video interview with Yogeeta Mistry.

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Primer: The Ecology of Trust Mechanization – For the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Wrong Kind of Green.

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The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup d’Etat, with Patrick Wood.


Demystifying the 4th Industrial Revolution with Cory Morningstar